Weekly Photo Challenge: Create


My focus on creation is from a wonderful birthday gift that was given to me by a dear friend of mine in San Francisco.  For my 40th birthday he gave me a baking lesson for a group of friends at Richard Festen’s, Baking Arts cooking school.

A few months after my birthday we were able to schedule the baking class which also coincided with my upcoming move from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  I invited some of great friends to participate and we had a ball.  With my move to SoCal in just a few weeks there was a bit of NoCal/SoCal roasting that was also delivered throughout the evening!

Wine was served, teams were devised and my competitive friends tackled a savory soufflé and desert soufflé challenge.  I think that we ended up drinking, talking and laughing more than absorbing our lesson but our soufflés served as a great meal and the experience we have together was just another amazing creation of memories that will last forever.

Chocolate Souffle

Prep the ramekins

Chocolate Souffle
Chocolate and eggs!

Chocolate Souffle
The finished product

The “gang”