Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

While in Australia I had the opportunity to visit the far northern reaches of the country for time in Kakadu National Park.  Home to the Aboriginal people and a World Heritage listed park, this sprawling and untouched region of Australia is not to be missed.  My contribution to the weekly photo challenge this week is a photo that I captured en route to my hotel after a long day of touring in the park.  I had learned about the rich cultural heritage of the Aboriginal people and had contemplated the struggles that they have undergone through the decades.  Feeling a bit unsettled our driver told us that a group of local protestors had started a fire and it engulfed a car and some other debris that was nearby.  While I am a firm believer in voicing your opinion and taking action for change I can never endorse harm to people or damage to property and possessions.  It seems wrong to me.

Vandalism in Kakadu National Park, Australia