A few hours in Brooklyn, New York

This past week I was in Manhattan for a business meeting and I was able to stay an extra day to meet up with my best friend.  I have been going to Manhattan for business and pleasure for the past 18 years and I had never been across the Brooklyn Bridge and had never had the opportunity to explore the borough.  So, I met up with my BFF at New York City Hall which is where the entry to the footpath to cross the Brooklyn Bridge begins.

The fountain at City Hall, New York, NY

The day wasn’t clear and sunny but the mild temperature was great for the 5,988 foot walk over the East River on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Beautiful views of rooftop gardens and the changing skyline of Lower Manhattan with Governors Island to the south.  I felt as if I had taken the walk before as I have seen it in so many movies and commercials.  Most recently in the latest Geico commercial.  Once across the bridge we enjoyed a stroll in Brooklyn Bridge Park and then along the Brooklyn Promenade and then we hopped a cab to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to grab some lunch.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY

After walking around the Williamsburg neighborhood we stumbled upon a BBQ restaurant called Fette Sau which appropriately means “fat pig.”  Picnic table seating and a converted garage feel is perfect for this order by the pound carnivorous restaurant.  Menus are displayed on chalkboards, food is chosen from a display case and plenty of sides are available.  The great thing is that they also have a liquor license so you can enjoy a beer or bourbon with your smoked and BBQ’d food.

Fette Sau, Brooklyn, NY

Fette Sau, Brooklyn, NY

I only had a few hours to spend in Brooklyn with my BFF but I really enjoyed our bridge walk, the tour of Williamsburg and Fette Sau.  So much more to explore – I will be back.

Great day with my BFF